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How to increase your call center lead conversion

call center lead conversionThough the marketplace is becoming ever more digitized, call centers aren’t a thing of the past. You still need a well-run call center to compete. The personalized connection call centers create are vital to your brand awareness. To top it off, people would rather interact with other people instead of bots and computers. Below are some tips to get the most out of your call center lead conversion.  

It takes a certain person

Let’s be honest. Everyone working in your call center needs to be people persons. They are on the phone all day long trying to make connections and sell your product. So it goes without saying that you probably don’t want to hire employees who don’t enjoy talking to strangers. You need extraverts.

So how do you find extraverts for your call center? It comes down to the screening and interview process. When hiring ask questions the give insight as to whether the candidate is an extravert. Maybe even use a roleplay question to see how they react.

Openers are everything

Your lead needs to be hooked within the first few sentences. Remember, a call is usually interrupting someone’s day so make sure your operators are polite and get directly to the point. The longer a lead stays on the line, the greater the chance of converting it into a sale.

Make sure you’re calling at the right time. Know the demographics of your current clients and adjust your calling schedules accordingly as to not inconvenience your leads at inopportune times.

Monitor your progress

Make sure you are screening calls for quality assurance. If there is a dip in your call center’s lead conversion rate you can go back and see where in the call mistakes are happening. Maybe it’s something as simple as the verbiage used when talking about your product.

Build trust

In order for a caller to trust a member of your call center team, your employees need to have trust in your company first. Nobody wants to work for a company that doesn’t treat them right. This just means that employees want to feel like they work in a space that inspires, backed up with trust and feeling appreciated.

Unless your employees feel valued they won’t give it their all when selling your product. But once that trust is established and they feel good about what they are doing, you’ll see your lead conversion increase.

Incentives are another way of keeping the workplace fun. Everyone wants to be rewarded for a job well done, so why not incentivize goals along the way?

Call centers are still valued in today’s marketplace. Making sure your team is trained and happy goes a long way. Couple that with steadfast conversion strategies and monitoring and you’ll begin to see your call center lead conversion rate soar.


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