Clarity When Selling Your SEO Lead Service

Make it clear whether or not your SEO service has a refund/return policy

There’s always going to be someone out there who isn’t satisfied with your service. However, that doesn’t mean it was a strictly, “it’s you not me” type of situation. It just may not have been a good fit, and that’s okay. Don’t take it to heart, and definitely don’t engage disgruntled customers.

Say things do go south and your customer wants a refund on the lead service your provided. What’s that? You don’t have a return policy? Well, you might want to reconsider that or make it common knowledge that that’s the case.

Create qualifications for your return policy

This is very important because if you don’t have stipulations on the reasons why someone is eligible to return a lead, people can just come out of the woodwork with any little reason for wanting back their money. Here at Web Leads, we don’t have a return policy. However, we do enable all clients to return leads for credit, for qualifying reasons.

Create clear and concise service descriptions

To help avoid any requests for refunds or returns, we recommend you make your service or product descriptions clear. That way, there’s no question as to what you’re selling and customers can’t claim they were misled. We strongly suggest you inform your customers to investigate your products, website, and other information thoroughly, to determine if your services will be a good fit for their business.

Put in place a specialist to help with returns/refunds (if necessary)

It may be a good idea to hire a customer service specialist to handle issues regarding refunds. At Web Leads, we provide knowledgeable and friendly Lead Specialists to help you make decisions such as the number of leads that your team can handle, the type of leads to purchase, the daily amount to receive, and the budget you should set for your monthly lead flow.

Provide visible links to your terms and conditions

As a courtesy to your customers, make visible your terms and conditions. You want your policies to be common knowledge so there’s absolutely no question as to what they are. We keep ours at the bottom of our website: Web Leads Terms and Conditions. If you every have any questions or concerns, please email our support staff.

Let Web Leads help you

At this point, you can probably tell that, we at Web Leads are not just in the business of selling SEO, web design or call center leads, we’re extremely involved in our clients’ businesses. We want to help your business reach its fullest potential by providing a reputable and honest service that will positively affect your sales. We won’t provide you with “cheap labor leads.” We only deal in quality because our clients deserve only the best. But enough about us, experience the results for yourself.

An SEO lead buying service can help.