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Everyone wants to know how to convert seo leads instantly. Here we offer some advice on how to get the business you need right away, from an SEO lead service.

We can’t say this enough, but contacting your lead as soon as you receive it will help tremendously. Many leads are looking for what you have to offer in real time. This is the best time to approach them, while they have it on their mind. The faster you can respond to your leads the more likely you will gain their business. It also shows that you are quite serious when it comes to taking care of your clients needs and being responsive.

The most important piece of information leads are looking for is a price quote.  If you contact one of your qualified leads, the last thing you want to do is offer your price point instantly. This will never give you enough time to talk. If you give up that information in the first sentence, they can move on to get the next bid. Spend a few minutes getting to know your lead. What are they trying to achieve? What is in their budget? This will allow you to possibly customize your bid.

It is often true that some leads just are not ready to purchase your product or service immediately. If this is the case persistence counts. Have a follow through process in place. It will be critical for your conversion success. Also while leads are usually accessible when you call right away, it won’t happen every single time. Successful sales people are dedicated to pursuing every lead. It may mean multiple calls and emails. Don’t forget to reach out at different times of the day.

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