Best Practices – How to Handle Bad SEO Leads


bad leads

How do you handle bad SEO leads?

In this third blog of our ‘Best Practices’ series, we are talking about bad leads. We’ve all dealt with bad SEO leads before. What a waste of time it is! When you call a number, only to hear that it’s been disconnected, or when you call and ask for “Bob” and are informed that there is no “Bob” at this location. The worst is when you actually speak with a prospect, whose information is correct, who then tells you that they are not interested and have no idea why you are calling. It’s not just about the time spent in dealing with a prospect that is potentially a waste of time, but also the money spent, to obtain the lead.

How to return bad SEO leads

Yes, it’s true, you’ll undoubtedly receive some bad leads. Lead companies do their best to avoid sending you prospects with invalid information, but occasionally, bad leads slip through the crack. This being said, you can relax, you’ll never pay for any bad leads (or, at least, you shouldn’t). You have to see the date, time and full email stamp, which is why it’s important that you forward the original email received to your lead service provider each time you request credit for a lead. The lead provider should verify the lead, try to find valid information or to contact the individual to confirm their request, and either delete the lead or return it to you with valid information.

Reasons why bad SEO leads occur

Prospects may forget about their request. 

Remember most prospects have replied to our opt-in newsletters, mentioning that they would be open to getting a quote for SEO services.

Prospects may change their minds. 

In these cases, they often exaggerate, with claims such as “I never requested this” or “I have no idea why you’re calling.” The truth is, we have record of all prospects either emailing us or requesting information via one of our web forms. Reminding the prospect of this is usually a waste of time, as we recommend apologizing for the inconvenience to the prospect and moving onto the next lead. This would be an example of a lead that can be returned to our team for a credit.  

Prospects may become overwhelmed. 

Your lead provider should inform all prospects that they will be contacted by several consultants. In some cases, a prospect may feel overwhelmed after being contacted by multiple companies. Your lead provider should never send a prospect’s information to more than four providers for a request. In these cases, the prospect may receive two to three calls from each provider, but assume they’ve been contacted by more than four companies.

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