Steps To Improve Your Sale Results

Are you looking for some simple ways to improve your sales results? No matter how many high quality leads you buy, you need a step-by-step process to get things done and close deals right.


With a few simple tips you can improve your sales results, fast.

  • Your core message – If you only have 30 seconds to get your message across, you need to be able to condense your core message in 45 words or less. Find this simple core message and be sure it is on all your printed materials for your sales reps.
  • Priorities Features/Benefits – What are the 5 things that make your business stand out from the rest. Figure out your best features, advantages, and benefits and prioritize them in your selling points.
  • Learn About Your Prospect – Find out as much information about each prospect before speaking to them. This will help you reference their needs when selling your service or product as well as the collateral you send them.
  • Keep a Bug in Their Ear – Leaving voicemails can actually yield the highest response ratio in a marketing campaign. Do it right and you will see a high call back ratio.
  • Motivate For Harder Work – Hold daily, weekly, or monthly promotions for your sales team. Make it fun and you will begin to see better results for your representatives.

The most important thing you want to do is make good first impression. You only have one chance with a friendly, quick response and a compelling offer, you will at least leave feeling good about your business even without a positive response.