Things to Know When Selling Your SEO Services

Get tips to be successful selling SEO leads.

Selling SEO service to be more successful.

Some people have the selling gene, while others have to work a bit harder at it. However, anyone who sells their SEO services should have a few basic tips as guidelines when attempting to close leads. This knowledge you offer your potential clients could make or break how successful you are in the industry. These are the very basics that are important to share with your SEO leads who might be new to whole idea of hiring a search engine marketing service.

Understand how search engines work

You should understand how search engines work. Google has a great tutorial about how search works. At the end of the day, a search engine’s goal is to provide the best results for a search query. Their job is to understand the searcher’s intent.

Stay the course, and be patient

Just because a website doesn’t show up for one particular search query or keyword doesn’t mean that an SEO hasn’t done their job. There are lots of reasons why a website won’t show up for a particular keyword. It could be anything from customization (the search engines customize the search results for each user) to the way the keyword phrase or search query is worded. So, don’t be discouraged. It can take up to a couple weeks to see changes in search results.

Know what SEO’s goal is

An SEO’s primary job should be to get more relevant traffic via organic search to the website. Good SEO will get more traffic – great SEO understands a client’s business and gets more leads or sales for a business.

Understand the typical search results page

A search engine’s results have several different types of results that make up a search engine results page (also referred to as SERP or SERPs or “the SERPS”).

Learn the difference between paid search results and organic search results

There’s a big difference between the paid search results (where you pay for positioning) and the organic (also known as “free” or “natural”) search results. For many search queries, Google will show local results, especially when the keyword includes a city name or a location’s name (such as “Colorado Springs hotels”).

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