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Top 3 Successful SEO Lead Nurturing Strategies

Learn how to further your SEO lead nurturing knowledge.

We’ve talked about lead nurturing before, but you may not remember. Let’s refresh your memory. SEO lead nurturing is a strategy to ensure your leads never lose interest in your products and services. It’s a process of continually trying to keep them coming back, while attempting to increase the amount of leads you have.

Here are some of the top three SEO lead nurturing strategies you need to know about.

SEO lead scoring

In Touch CRM says, “This feature allows you to know the views of your leads by the use of a scale to grade their perception. When you have this knowledge, you can easily prioritize by channeling most of your focus towards a particular set of people who are more promising.”
By using lead scoring, you can tell if a lead is worth pursuing by their activities on your website. For example, look at the ones that go to your pricing page, because they are more serious about buying.

Target content

Content is the reason potential SEO leads go to your website in the first place. According to In Touch CRM, “To create the best content, you need to know the persona of your leads and understand what they are looking for, so you can provide it for them.” You’ll want to continually introduce new deals related to what your potential leads desire. This will keep them coming back for more.


Timing in communicating and releasing content will make a huge difference in the audience that views it. To nurture the SEO leads you’re specifically trying to target, communicate with your leads often. In Touch CRM says, “Conversion is much easier when your leads are still warm. Studies have revealed that only 37% of companies respond within an hour, make sure your company is one of them. Leads should be contacted immediately after they’ve shown interest, any delay might cost you a lead.” 

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