Using a Sales Script To Close SEO Leads

Can a sales script help you close SEO leads?

When it comes to sales, in general, unless you’re a “sweet talker,” it’s likely that you need a sales script to help you with talking points. Some salespeople just wing it and seem to find their stride as the conversation goes on. Others, however, unfortunately weren’t blessed with the gift of gab, so they need a little help. For SEO lead generation, a script could possibly be the difference between a lead becoming client and a lead going nowhere.

So, ultimately, how will a sales script help you when trying to close an SEO lead? offers a few ways a sales script can help.

Can help you stay on target

In general, It’s easy in a conversation to go off on tangents or use an anecdote and then forget exactly what the point was. Using a sales script or talking points can help you stay on target with the conversation so you’re not just idly talking without substance behind it. Your potential client is sure to get bored and become uninterested in pursing further business with you if you’re talking in circles.

Can help organize thoughts

Along the same lines as helping you stay on conversation target, a sales script can also help you keep your thoughts organized. Let’s face it, a lot goes into trying to sell your SEO services to a potential client and there’s a lot of information to divulge. It would be terrible if, in the middle of your sales pitch, you completely forgot to mention all you can offer. If the conversation is fruitful, hopefully, the potential client will ask questions that can jar a memory, but that’s not always a guarantee.

Can help anticipate possible questions

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s going to be a lot of information coming at the potential client, and he or she is going to have some questions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could anticipate any follow-up questions? A sales script can definitely aid in answering these questions so there’s no hesitation when a tricky question comes about. Although, if you know your SEO services like the back of your hand, there should be no problem knocking any question out of the park.

Can help decrease stress

No matter how seasoned you are as a salesperson, speaking to a stranger and trying to convince him or her to give you money for your services can be really nerve-racking! Having a sales script or talking points on hand can help minimize a bit of the stress you feel, so you know you’re giving the potential client all the information needed for him or her to make a sound decision.

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