Why Buy Aged SEO Leads

There are a number of reasons why buying aged SEO leads might make sense for you. Below, we offer you a few key reasons that you might want to consider when buying one of our aged leads packages.

Lower Cost

The main reason for purchasing aged leads is the lower cost. When you purchase aged leads you still get the same highly motivated consumer, just not in real time.  To compensate for this, one is able to purchase the lead at a fraction of its real-time price.  This lower cost makes it much more economical for smaller or new businesses just starting out.

Less Preparation

Working with real-time leads requires serious preparation.  If you are a small business and do not have a sales team set up to regularly take incoming leads, aged leads provide the option of high quality leads at an excellent price.  With the more relaxed approach of aged leads, one doesn’t have to focus as much on immediately calling the new lead the second it comes in.  Instead, one can focus on nurturing the leads purchased.

Training Purposes

A small business that decides to hire a sales person may want to train them on aged leads to get them up to speed on the company’s sales pitch and services offered It is a great way to monitor your new sales agent and find out if this is the right person for your company. Buying aged leads will allow you to minimize expenses and take your time building the right team.