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Sales Questions The Right and Wrong Way


In a recent article published on Hubspot, how to ask common sales questions the wrong and right way, is discussed on how it can make all the difference. The idea is that as a sales rep, it is not what you ask, but how you ask it. Great communication skills are vital for a successful sales representative. Once you begin to receive quality leads, the real work ahead.

In this post we share a few tips on how to successfully get the information you need, the prospect on your side, and close on your web leads.

The Decision Maker

As you probably already know, the first thing a sales rep should ask when calling a potential is: who is the decision maker? You don’t want to waste time talking to someone in the company who can’t make the final decision. BUT, you do want to make everyone feel important. Your goal is to work with this company and you don’t want to turn anyone off. You could very well be speaking to a company influencer. Instead of asking the typical, “Who will be the final decision maker?” try “Who besides YOURSELF makes decisions for your company.” Everyone wants to feel valued.


Another bit of information that is critical to know, is your leads timeline. Is there any urgency for them, or are they planning on taking their time with a decision. By finding out their target launch date, you can create a sales/closing plan that can include call backs, and other ways to keep in touch. Most leads will not be ready or do not have a planned time to buy, so instead of asking a general: “What is your timeline?” reword it to “What will happen if there are no changes to your current business?” It can help to get them thinking about their business future if there is no solution.



So now you have gotten to the end of the conversation. Whether it is the same day or months later, it is the most critical moment in a sales life. Obviously in an ideal world, you will get the kind of response you are looking for. By asking the right questions, the right way, you will close and if not …. at least you leave someone with a positive perception of your company. Let them know how excited you are to parter with them, and that you are willing to do what it takes to help them see success. A great way to end this kind of conversation is fluid and not abrupt. Ask them, “What is standing in the way of you making a decision today?” or “What can we do, so that this is an easy choice for you.”

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