Top 5 People Skills SEO Providers And Designers Need

Work With Clients and Close on Leads


Every successful business leader knows how important it is to have impeccable people skills. In a recent article posted on Search Engine Journal, we saw just how important indispensable people skills can be for marketers. Successful web marketers know that being good at their job is more than just understanding strategy. Communication, collaboration, and really just plain old good people skills can make all the difference.

Here in this post, we offer you the Top 5 skills that we believe are most important for SEO providers, web designers, and business owners in general, need to be a success.

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Top 5 People Skills

  1. Listen To Your Client – It is of course important to let your new, potential, or existing clients know exactly what it is you do, what your strategy is for their company, and how you are going to help them with your business. BUT, a good amount of listening is going to be critical. Understanding their needs and wants will ensure that get what they are looking for and that they are happy with your work.
  2.  Ask Questions – This follows along with listening to your client. You want to be sure  you ask them plenty of questions so that you can better understand what is most          important to them. It is important that you are also asking the RIGHT questions. You understand the technical but your client might not. This means you need to know ins and out of your business and be able to ask them questions in a way that they can understand easily.
  3. Be Flexible – As a marketer or designer, you know your business and what important strategies need to be implemented for your client to be successful. That being said, it is also just as important to be flexible to your client’s unique needs. Be clear about what is necessary but listen to them if they have specifics about what it is they want for their company. This will make you and your client happy in the end.
  4. Own Up To Being Wrong – Occasionally even the best make mistakes or the wrong decisions. This best thing to do, is to own up to any mistakes so that your client doesn’t just hear excuses. Digital marketing can have it’s ups and downs, and things happen that are not your fault. When this occurs work with your client to come up with a better solution.
  5. Learn Something New – Be open to learning something new. It is highly possible that you end up with a new client in an industry you know nothing about. Although you may know everything about SEO or web design, it’s important to take the time to understand your client’s industry. You may need help to take a new approach and asking them questions about things you don’t know will help.


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