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Tips to Convert Leads Into Sales

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In the digital sales world, lead conversion approaches are changing. Getting the initial lead is great, but if your team can’t turn these leads into sales they mean nothing. Luckily, you don’t have totally reinvent your sales approach to increase your conversion rate, it only takes a few simple steps to get your team familiar with the world of digital lead conversion.

Utilize a FAQ page

Today’s consumer doesn’t have a whole lot of time to find answers to their questions. Furthermore, with the rise of the digital marketplace consumers have access to many more options and competitors than they once did. Therefore, it is essential that your leads can find the answers they are looking for quickly.

FAQ pages are great for the on-the-go mobile web user and one of the most important aspects of your website for lead conversion.  The header questions and brief, easy to read answers easily direct the lead to the correct landing pages. This helps your company to funnel possible sales in the correct directions. Get your sales team together to brainstorm a list of the sorts of questions your leads may be asking then implement a FAQ page as soon as possible.

Casual follow up

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, but there is nothing wrong with your team following up with a lead, especially a lead that has shown interest. Follow up like you would a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Make the follow up casual and friendly. Simply state that it’s been a bit since you’ve last spoke and see if the lead has any questions. Remember, your leads are busy people too, and in between their hectic lives and demanding jobs, perhaps they’ve merely forgotten. The follow up is just a simple reminder that often pays dividends.

Focus on incentives

Can your company offer a free trial or another strategy that offers a lower risk to the consumer? Leads want to be able to try out your product or service before they actually offer up their hard earned money. Incentives work in your favor because once a potential customer actually tries out your product when they decide to buy you know they will be satisfied.  

Speed up your response time

When a lead reaches out with a question, your sales team needs to respond quickly. And in this digital age leads aren’t just reaching out via the phone or Email, instead, they are looking to get in contact you via social media or other outlets where they can get a fast and direct response. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, most sales teams are too slow in responding to leads. If your team can’t answer quickly, meaning as close to as in real time as possible, your leads will move on to a company who can.

Live chat

I mentioned above that leads are looking for instant contact and answers. Social media is one way to provide this service, but why not get even more direct by initiating a live chat system on your website. This gives your sales team a chance to connect on a one-on-one basis, and that direct and personal approach allows for a bond of trust to form between the lead and your business.

In conclusion, one of the best approaches to lead conversion is to maintain that line of direct communication. Just because in the digital world we are often separated by screens, that doesn’t mean communication has stopped. The way we communicate has merely changed, and if your company isn’t keeping up with the current digital trends you will soon fall behind.


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