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Prove Your SEO Expertise

Prove Your SEO Expertise

Now that you have purchased your SEO leads, you need to have a great plan to close them. Responding quickly and understanding your potential client’s needs is important, but they will want to know that you are truly an expert in the business. By providing them with your knowledge and expertise, you are more likely to find yourself a new client.

Have Your SEO Plan Ready

Once you have listened to her needs and have their attention, give your SEO lead the rundown and precise information detailing exactly what needs to change first, second and third for their SEO marketing to be a success. Customers will always choose the company with a plan versus the company who merely has suggestions. This is where your epic sales pitch comes in.

Communicate Your Experience Clearly

When you’re speaking with your SEO leads, clearly state the experience you have dealing with all types of businesses and projects similiar to what they need you to work on. A lot of business owners today aren’t all that knowledgeable about SEO practices, which is why they’re calling you. If they don’t know at all what you’re talking about or understand the lingo. The more you can discuss your past experience with them, you can make them feel like they’re in the hands of an expert.

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