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Top 3 Ways To Handle Your Call Center Leads

Nurturing Potential Clients

When you base your marketing goals around a specific action, such as obtaining prospects to call and speak with a sales representative, the message and call-to-action received by prospective customer should be coordinated to the highest degree.

One way to achieve this is through a lead nurturing method consisting of multiple resources using more than one medium, all focused on the particular marketing goal of converting your call center leads into customers. In this case, the funnel involves three parts: an automated email campaign, telemarketing and direct mail to potential clients.

Lead Generation

Without a potential lead to nurture, the lead nurturing process is going to be quite empty, so successful lead generation begins this entire strategy.

Most prospective customers are driven to the website homepage, or to specific landing pages, through pay-per-click ads or direct mail sends and are presented with one of two different offers requiring a form registration. One offer is for free samples, and the other is for a variety of free reports.  Constructing a self-sufficient lead generating system is the first priority when capitalizing on your call center leads and moving towards your company goals .


Once someone fills out an online form with valid email address, they receive an almost instant email thanking them for signing up for automatic emails, or for requesting free samples of the products you are offering. All emails in the nurturing method end with a call-to-action giving the prospect a reason to reach out to a sales representative who can close.

The first email provides testimonials and examples of direct mail campaigns that give the potential customer a view at the services you offer and for the first month of the nurturing funnel, prospects receive mail about every three days. After four weeks the volume goes down to once a week. And after several more months pass, the email sends end and the prospects only continue to receive newsletter on a less consistent basis.

Prospecting calls

When a prospective client reaches out and signs up for a direct email service, the prospect typically receives a call within the next 15 minutes of sign up.  The first phone call thanks the prospect for signing up for their newsletter and if registration came through and signed up for home delivery, the caller confirms the address provided.

The reason your company created the call center representative position is that your marketing consultants were too busy to call every new lead within fifteen minutes of registering online. If a call center rep is able to get in touch with a lead they transfer the prospect to a marketing consultant almost immediately for further discussion.

For the first couple of weeks your potential clients will receive consistent calls at least once or twice a week.  Keeping your product in the back of your prospective client’s mind is imperative in the beginning as if you sit on leads for too long, they could possibly find another service to go with or forget about the service completely.


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