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Local SEO Leads

Your SEO lead clients may very well come from small local businesses. And as you know, bigger companies with more established websites often outrank smaller business websites. To help your smaller local business clients compete for top spots in search results, you will need to improve their visibility in at least local search results. In this post, we offer you 5 tips to ensure your SEO lead clients get the kind of results they would like to see for success.

Top 5 SEO Lead Tips

Local Content

High quality, optimized content can be the best way to help your local clients gain visibility. Make sure when you create content for their website or blog that you focus on geo keywords that are relevant to the local area. Consistency is always plus no matter what kind of content you create.

Local Search Results

I’s important to take advantage of Google emphasizing on the three top relevant local listings for business. When a search engine detects local search intent for a type of business, it’s usually going to show in their new 3-Pack. This is where you can be really competitive for your client, and own the local search results for them. Optimize the website for local search, and you will really get results.

Consider Paid Search

To compete against larger companies, many SEO providers leverage by using paid search in addition to SEO. Paid search can be useful for local businesses to test and optimize against a large volume of long-tail keywords. This will also allow you to take your top-performing paid search keywords and make sure you’re using and optimizing in your content.

Local Media

In addition to traditional SEO strategies, consider taking advantage of local media. This can be a great way to increase visibility for a small business. Consider using local media outlets and blogs, as well as local social media accounts to share content. It can also help to receive inbound links that can also boost your website’s organic results.

Responsive Website

It is so important that your SEO lead client is mobile. People use their smartphones to search for everything. Even a small local business will benefit from a mobile website and landing pages. Now that Google de-emphasizes websites that aren’t mobile friendly in mobile search results, it is critical. Ensuring that you have an entirely mobile-friendly website can help you compete against other local businesses.


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