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There are a number of ways to pitch your SEO services. What works for one person may not work for another. Many times, it is all about repetition and trial and error. You find out what works and what doesn’t. There are a few key things that you can eliminate right off the bat to make sure you properly pitch to potential clients.


The client is corresponding because you know something about a subject that they may not know anything about. It’s important not to flood them with too much information at first. Take a breath and listen to what the client wants. Some aspects of SEO will be important to them and some can just fall right by the wayside. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you want to listen to a bunch of talking points, or do you want to hear what actually pertains to you? Taking the time to listen and condense a long-winded speech will make the client feel important, like they are the center of attention.

Be Organized

Whether you are on the go or meeting face to face it is important not to waste time. That goes for you and your client. Think about it. Everybody is busy, you likely have other clients and a personal life to juggle. And so does your potential client. Being organized is a key component. Understand what you want to say and execute the talking points in a straight forward and precise manner. Stuttering and tripping over words might turn off the client and make them feel like you aren’t taking the time to meet their needs.

Get To The Point

Details are important. As previously noted you don’t want to have information overflow, but going in depth on important aspects of SEO and their expectations is important. Being too general will make the client second guess your knowledge, it may make them loose focus, and it can be bad on your reputation. What they really want to know is how you are going to improve their business.

What Makes You Special

You might not be the only person this client is speaking with at the time. They may have also gathered information from people before you, and you don’t want to be like everyone else. Make sure you leave a good impression with them. Whether you certain your presentation around them or you allow them to reach you in many different ways. You have to be able to leave a lasting impression that sets up another contact lead.

How We Can Help

At Webleads, we are not just in the business of selling high quality SEO or call center packages, we are extremely involved in helping you with your business. We want you to reach your fullest potential and we do that by providing reputable quality leads and honest helpful service. Find out more about our affordable SEO lead and call center lead packages today!


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