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Top Tips to Close Leads

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It’s great to have people interested in your product or service. But if these leads aren’t becoming customers, there might be a problem in how your team is closing. The following article includes some tips to help your team close leads, even when it is difficult. 

Build rapport

Leads want to feel like they are unique. They don’t want to feel like just another number in your company’s ledger. Try to find ways to get to know your leads and gain their trust. It might be as simple as taking time to ask some personal questions or just going above and beyond to make sure their needs are met. Without building trust, you won’t close leads. 

Respect their time

Leads don’t have time for confusing sales pitches and other pushy nonsense. If you make a promise to a lead, make sure to keep it. If you tell them you will follow up at a certain time, make sure to do so. 

Be prepared

It’s tough to close leads if your team isn’t prepared to sell your product or service. Does your sales team know the intricate details of what they are selling or are they just going through the motions? In order to close more leads, make sure your team is trained in all aspects of the product so they can answer any question a lead might ask on the spot. 

Be careful making promises

Never make a promise if you can’t deliver. Nothing turns off leads than phony promises and big sales talk that can’t be backed up. Be honest with what you can deliver and make sure it’s an achievable goal. If you are unsure if you can meet a demand from a lead, under promise to the point where you can guarantee what you can deliver. 

Stay positive

Inexperience sales members often resort to putting down the competition as a way to try to make a sale. This sort of sales tactic isn’t recommended. Focusing on the negatives of your competitors can make your leads skeptical. Instead, focus on what makes your product great. 


It’s tempting to talk too much during your sales pitch. You want to provide as much information as possible in a little amount of time. But it’s possible that during all your talking you aren’t taking time to listen to the needs of your lead. Your job is to provide a product that matches your lead’s needs, but it’s impossible to know their unique needs if you are speaking over them the entire time.  


Closing leads doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a matter of your team knowing your product and how it can best satisfy a lead’s needs. Take time to listen to what you’re lead wants and strategize a unique approach that makes them feel special. The above tips will help. 

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