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Video Conference Industry Overwhelmed With Leads

Since the COVID-19 outbreak there has been a surge in the use of video conference platforms. While this won’t change anytime soon, it’s still important to look beyond the pandemic and into the future of business, which has been changed forever.


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Why Is Video Conferencing So Popular? 

With the mandatory government shut-down, companies of all types have had to change how they do their daily business. With most if not all of their employees working from home, business owners need a new way to connect and communicate. Work-from-home culture has grown in a way we may never have thought possible. 

This means more people than ever are downloading and using video conference apps.  


What Does The Demand For Video Conferencing Look Like?

According to a recent report mobile app downloads reached 62 million during the week March 14-21, 2020 – the highest number ever seen and that figure was up 45% from the week before and up 90% from the pre-COVID-19 weekly download average. 

Business application downloads represent the highest growth in any category in both the iOS and Google Play stores.

This is great news for the video conference industry.


How Does This Play Out Long Term?

The demand for video conferencing will not be changing anytime soon. What the pandemic has done is transform the work culture forever. Business owners are realizing how much having employees work from home benefits their company. 

The idea that you need a brick and mortar to run a successful business is simply not true and this is a new realization for so many. With communication platforms and tools that make working from home so easy, going into an office every day just doesn’t seem necessary.

Even before the pandemic, the demand for video conferencing tools and collaboration software was rising. A mobile-workforce is convenient and often means business owners get the best employees for the job, not just the ones local to them.

With the uncertainty of work and life going back to normal any time soon or ever, and with the discovery of just how easy it is to work from home, the demand for video conference tools will continue to grow without any decline in the foreseeable future.


Find Leads For Your Video Conference Service


Marketing Your Video Conference Service And Finding Leads

Video conferencing has quickly become one of the most competitive fields. So how do you get the public to know about your platform? Marketing and finding new leads will be critical during this time to ensure that business owners can find what you do and use your service. 

If this is a brand new app or service, you will want to do some research to figure out the best time to release your video conference platform as well as do further research to find and target your ideal clients. 

It would be a good idea to find out what your competitors are doing and how they have been able to be successful. Outreach by social media and targeting influencers is really important especially since more people are home and on their cellphones and computers.

Buying leads will also be critical and you will want to make sure that you save some of your marketing budget to buy a great lead package. 


How Webleads Inc Can Help You Find Leads

We have led the industry in high-quality lead packages for SEO, Web Design, and a wide range of other businesses. We now offer lead packages for video conferencing apps and services. This means during this incredibly busy time, you can focus on running your business while our team finds and brings you high-quality leads.

The amount of people looking for video conferencing platforms is surging, and you want to make sure that they know all about your services. Our custom lead generation campaign will connect you directly with businesses who desire exactly what you offer. We assist you in producing high conversion rates so you can continue to grow your business during this unprecedented time. 

For more information contact us today and we can help bring more leads to you!



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